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Notice: Wedding Ceremonies and receptions are not permitted on the grounds of the Oliver Miller Homestead.

 To arrange for photos or video contact the OMH Associates @ 412-835-1444

Paul Goetler interview by

          John Rudiak

Recently I met John Rudiak of the Carrick - Overbrook Historical Society. He showed an interest to adding videos and set up an interview with a lifetime Carrick resident who served during WWII. Paul Goetler at 90 had a lot to tell of the war and the area.

Click On The Picture To Open the Video

18th Century Wedding


The History of Fairhaven Church,

Town and the People

Historian Rich Cummings tells us how the Church of Fairhaven was formed in the 1800's. He also tells us about the early coal mining and how the area has progressed. Click on the picture to watch the video.

          VIDEO Page

      More Videos Will Be Added ​

The First video added: 18th Century Wedding

    On June 23. 2013 the reenactment was done by the members of the Oliver Miller Homestead located in South Park. This will let you expirence more on how people were married In the earlier times.

The Great Fire of Castle Shannon
A St Anne Documentary

This is a well made Documentary of the St Anne's Church & School produced by David Malinaric.

This is a great short video made by a local 3rd grade student. I found this on the "We Live In 15234" of Facebook and had to share this. Click on the picture to watch, and Enjoy...

The Great

Castle Shannon Bank Robbery of 1917

Edd Hale a retired History Teacher continues to share great true stories of the area. The Bank Robbery is one of his favorites and recently told the story at The Baldwin Historical Society in June of 2016. Click on the picture to watch this true story.

On October 9, 2016 the last sermons were preached here at the Castle Shannon Methodist Church. Building of the church began in 1887

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